Goodbye Whitby

After one final climb up the 199 steps, we got our things together and departed on the coach. We loved our visit to the coast and definitely made the most of it. We were sad to leave but happy at the thought of getting a hug from our families.

Parents, your children were a credit to you. Throughout the whole visit, they were polite, responsible and well behaved. Members of the public commented on the children’s lovely manners as they remembered their ‘pleases’ and ‘thankyous’. Your children have shown how independent they can be and have loved their experience. (Don’t let them kid you, you’ll never have to take the sheets and bedding off a bed again – they all proved they could do it!) Thank you for paying for and allowing your child to be part of this experience. When we have completed our learning about this unit, we’d love to invite you in to share what we have been discovering.

Children, thank you for being so polite and well behaved. Have a good rest this weekend and come back on Monday ready for action! If you were this good for Whitby, I know that you are going to be amazing for our PGL adventure after the SATs.

Staff, thank you so much for giving up your free time to come with us on the residential. We couldn’t have done it without you! Have a REALLY big rest this weekend and come back ready for action on Monday.

Lots of love

Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Walpole and Mrs Naylor






Mayday, Mayday …Lifeboats

After a quick lunch, we visited both the boathouse (where the current active lifeboat and inshore lifeboat are dispatched from) and the lifeboat museum. At the museum, we asked questions to someone who had been a lifeboat coxswain. He had served on many daring rescues. We saw a chair that had been bent badly during a huge storm with 40 foot waves. We saw lots of models and heard about how lifeboats had changed over time.

Despite the fact that the RNLI rescues are completed by unpaid volunteers, we  learnt that it costs over £160, 000, 000 to run the RNLI for one year. Inspired by this, lots of us left small change or thought of ideas of what we could do to raise money for their worthwhile cause.

Wonderful Whitby Abbey

We loved our visit to Whitby Abbey. We have a year group of budding historians as everyone listened carefully to the information about Brother William who was a monk at the Abbey. We also linked this learning to our Y5 topic about the Vikings and our science about fossils. (We heard a legend about chopping off the heads of snakes  and the curled up bodies being found in rocks – we know these are fossilised  ammonites.) We were so absorbed that we could have stayed there for hours.

We also enjoyed the views across the bay in the glorious sunshine.